Lifestyle-inc is a group of company, operating in the business of sourcing, designing, and trading, with its unique concepts and innovative approach towards business. In spite of a varied business profiles, the ultimate goal still remains the same for all - "Customer Satisfaction".

The company laid its foundation with Lifestyle Global Sourcing (LGS), as a sourcing solution for international customers in handicrafts and home furnishings. After a substantial period of scuffling, we managed to carry forward business with a cluster of European clients. The teams were made in the company, to cater Marketing, Sourcing and Technical needs of the business.

This made the business more organized and opened new doors. Identifying the global scenario and production capability of India, company soon added some more categories other than home furnishings. There were utility, industrial and daily consumables like furniture, industrial raw material, builder hard wares, tools, personal care, commodities and many other. And now serving retailers and importers in USA, EU, South Africa and Latin American countries. Simultaneously, company expanded its international operations by exporting commodities like metal ore, coco-fibre, etc. to China and Australia from Lifestyle Exports Inc (LEI), but discontinued soon, due to duty hike by Indian government. We therefore started export of the product, which we use to trade earlier; under Lifestyle Exports Inc (LEI). We serve small customers, who cannot buy quantities. We consolidated containers of various products to meet their minimum requirement. For these customers, LEI consolidates shipments from various local sources in India and ship together to the customer. We then formed a new company in 2016 in the name of "Nuovo Lifestyle" and brought all our services under this brand, which is slowly and steadily getting recognition in the Overseas market.

  • Nuovo Lifestyle (Global Sourcing)
  • Nuovo Lifestyle (Exports)
  • Nuovo Lifestyle (Vastu Shastra for Indian retail market)
  • Nuovo Lifestyle (Aroma of Life for Indian food)


Nuovo Lifestyle (Global Sourcing)

Nuovo Lifestyle Global Sourcing is a company catering to the sourcing needs of retailers, wholesalers and importers all around the world. It firmly believe in its core value of satisfied customers, so only concentrate on limited customers, providing them an outstanding qualitative services.We understand that Smart retail begins with market research and trend analysis; and ends with customer retention, keeping high revenue generating shelf/space intact. Therefore sourcing is no more shopping. It is highly challenging, professional and require ample amount of technical and designing skills, to compete the global market. Nuovo Lifestyle is a conglomerate of technical experts and designers from various sectors, providing complete sourcing solution to the customers. They have served customers like Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar Stores, Pier1 Imports, Neiman Marcus, Cost Plus, Michaels, Pound Stores and many more. These designers even support customers creating CAD drawing of the product at time, to visualize a product, for pre-approval. Also we keep a dog-watch on market scenario, finding the most lucrative buys from Indian market. This way, we keep our customers updated with upcoming category of products.

Our services include -

  • Product developing and sourcing
  • Order placement - Negotiating and placing order on behalf of buyer
  • Production planning
  • Quality controlling - Shipment inspection on behalf of buyer.
  • Shipment consolidation - Planning shipment with forwarder.
  • Market information - To explore more business opportunities.
  • Factory audit - Perform factory evaluation on behalf of buyer.


Modus-operandi -

  • Trading
  • Agency
  • Monthly compensation


Product Categories - You can visit our photo gallery to have a look at some of the product categories we are doing presently.


Nuovo Lifestyle (Exports)

Nuovo Lifestyle (Exports)is an extension of our services to the customers, who buys small quantities, we consolidate shipments for customers buying small quantities and varied product ranges. It helps them save money and time in tracking and clearing shipments.

India being a resourceful and developing economy, a lot of new products are being produced and exported around the world. At Lifestyle Exports Inc, we identify those market opportunities and provides those products to our customers at the best of market price. Because of our strong market information, we Utilizing our resources and vast market knowledge, we commit our customers, to provide them a value for their money. Our customers provide us details of their operations and requirements; and our technical experts, after analyzing their business, we propose them feasible options from India. Our designers are updated with the market trends in colors, patterns and designs, in hard as well as soft line products. And because of our experience in market, the customized range of products offered by us, are always appreciated by our customers.


Aroma of Life

The hyper exhaustive lifestyle has made middle class family ignorant to the fuel of life – food. Overlooking the importance of healthy and hygienic food, he consumes what taste good and readily available. This becomes the reason for increasing lifestyle diseases, in early stage of life. “Aroma of Life” realized the need for hygienic, pure, healthy and balanced diet food. We made the catering services, not just a food provider, but a professional service which provides you a daily necessary diet.



We do not serve food, we serve a complete planned diet.
We give importance to 4 things –

1) Hygienic food
2) A balance diet
3) On time delivery
4) A clean environment


We follow Walmart business pattern, where the percentage of profits are fixed and any cost savings from the increased volumes are transferred either to the customer or employees.


We only serve companies located in Noida Naukri.com; Jeevan Saathi.com, 99acres.com, etc.


Strengths -
a) Food prepared by chefs who served under the discipline of army personnels in Dehradun.
b) Serves selected companies, for a close relationship and personal touch.
c) Organization is run by a team of professionals, who have put years of their life in just exploring "PERFECT".

Weakness -
Food quality is standard and will remain same for all our clients and once set cannot be changed.
Opportunities –
a) Taste with varied aroma
b) Nutritious and hygienic food
Threats -
Low price and low food quality suppliers serving good looking greasy food.

Weakness -
Food quality is standard and will remain same for all our clients and once set cannot be changed.
Opportunities –
a) Taste with varied aroma
b) Nutritious and hygienic food
Threats -
Low price and low food quality suppliers serving good looking greasy food.


We are offering 2 kind of services -

1) Food Counters (Tuck Shops)
2) Food Catering -

  • a) Ready to serve food
  • b) Prepared in company’s kitchen

For price, please let us know your menu.

Though our most desired combination of food is –

  • a) Dry or Gravy Veg – changes everyday
  • b) Dal or Rajma or Chole (kabli chana)
  • c) Chapatis
  • d) Basmati Rice
  • e) Curd or raita
  • f) Deserts – changes everyday

Combo packs –

  • Rajma-Chawal
  • Chole-Chawal
  • Dal-Chawal
  • Aloo-Poori
  • Chole-Poori

Vastu Shastra

Over recent years, the need of the common men has gone far beyond food and shelter. He is now striving for growth, prosperity and peace (GPP). He works exhaustively at the workplace to achieve growth and prosperity and then desires for a peaceful home to spend time with his beloveds. But the question is, how far he is able to achieve it and why !

We fight many battles in a day, but due to an unfortunate mistake happened anytime, anywhere unknowingly, we lose some important one. We even facilitate our home with all the necessities and luxuries, but are we able to create the desired environment. We normally blame our fate, but the real cause of misshapenness is the negative energies flowing around us, at our work and living place.

To control these negative energies, we build our dwellings, adopting the ancient art of construction "Vastu Shastra". But practically it is not possible to build a fully Vastu compliant structure. This could be due to any reason - unavailability of adequate area, inappropriate direction of plot, our choice of comforts inside house and many more. However, it is not only the structure but even possessions and decoratives; and the placement of these in our dwellings, effects the energy flow. At Vaastu Shstra, we design decorative to solve both the purpose.Vaastu Shstra is an appeasement store that provides you decorative, which not only beautify your dwelling, but even enhances the flow of positive energy in your home and your life.