Our Services

Nuovo Lifestyle Global Sourcing is a company catering to the sourcing needs of retailers, wholesalers and importers all around the world. It firmly believe in its core value of satisfied customers, so only concentrate on limited customers, providing them an outstanding qualitative services.We understand that Smart retail begins with market research and trend analysis; and ends with customer retention, keeping high revenue generating shelf/space intact. Therefore sourcing is no more shopping. It is highly challenging, professional and require ample amount of technical and designing skills, to compete the global market.

Product Sourcing

We source product as per the specifications of the buyer, identifying the most appropriate source.

Price Negotiation

We negotiate best prices for the buyer, ensuring the best value for their money.

Production planning

We plan production with the factory, to ensure a timely delivery.

Shipment consolidation

We plan shipment consolidation of LCL shipment.                          

Market information

We explore market information for the buyer, which improve their buying. Also they are able to analyze and explore new market opportunities.

Product Development

We understand buyer’s requirement of product and get a customised product developed by the vendor.

Order Placement

We place order to the vendor on behalf of the buyer.

Quality controlling

Our technical staff does Quality Inspection as per the buyer’s agreed standard, under the direct supervision of the President of the company. Rather every item produced, is personally checked by the owner at some point of inspection – be it inline, mid line or final inspection.


We support buyer’s nominated Forwarder to plan the shipment. If buyer require, we even suggest them Forwarder, who can handle shipping appropriately, depending upon location of suppliers.

Factory audit

Perform factory evaluation on behalf of buyer.

Mode of Operation (Services)

We serve customers on following modes, depending on the buyer’s requirement.

Sourcing and Inspection Agency

We charge a certain percentage of the value of goods shipped, as our fees for all the above services.

Trading company

We do third party shipment.

Monthly compensation

We charge a monthly compensation and expenses from the customer, to service them.